new Household Manager (Placement)

Date Posted: 1 day ago
Salary: From $30 an hour
Seattle, WA•Temporarily Remote

Job Description

Pepper’s Personal Assistants_ is recruiting for a Household Manager who can be referred for placement in a Client's private home._

We are looking for an organized, flexible, self-motivated person to act as a part-time household manager. We're a pair of friendly, queer, scatter-brained tech workers who need assistance to keep our household running smoothly and remember to pay our bills.
In this job, we expect someone to:
Track projects and be proactive about getting our responses and following up. We are scatterbrained people. We want someone who will keep track of what tasks are in process and remind us when we need to make decisions or take action. This will include long-running projects where progress is slow, whether that’s because you have higher-priority tasks or things are blocked waiting for action from us. Lack of progress is acceptable; lack of tracking is a problem.
Take initiative. We want someone who will work to understand our high-level goals and be comfortable acting boldly within that framework. We want you to do things without asking when they can readily be undone, knowing that we might decide to reverse them if the result doesn’t work for us. If you see an opportunity to work toward our goals, we want you to exercise good judgment about when it's best to just try it, and when we need to work out the details first because it's costly or irreversible. We expect that understanding our goals and the right level of experimentation will be an ongoing process.
Give and receive feedback. We expect we will need to iterate to find the correct solutions and achieve alignment about our goals. We care strongly about some things, and may not realize what they are until we encounter them. We’d like someone who will tell us when what we’re doing makes things more difficult, and suggest alternatives and projects that could improve things, but who can also accept that sometimes, the ‘easier’ or more 'standard' option won’t work for our brains and lives.
Coordinate vendors for house cleaning, yard care, repair, and similar tasks. This includes both handling the ongoing scheduling for existing relationships, and finding vendors for new tasks as they arise.
Sort and file mail and other documents. We want someone who can keep on top of incoming mail to bring things that require action to our attention, and also create and maintain a filing system based on our feedback about what we need to keep and for how long. We’re not opinionated about what that system is, so long as we understand how it works well enough to find important documents when we need them.
Use online coordination tools. We want someone who’s comfortable reading and setting events on a shared household Google Calendar for coordination, and who we can communicate with through Slack or Discord for long-running conversations (or when we’re stuck in a video call). We're used to communicating online and asynchronously, and we're open to using other tools where they help, as long as the value is worth the added cost of something else to check.
Organize our space, while still being willing to deal with some level of ‘clutter’. We collect board games, and they sometimes overflow the shelves. We keep meds out on visible surfaces, because otherwise we forget to take them. We’re interested in having someone who helps with organization, but we need someone who can collaborate with us and figure out what works for us instead of trying for a ‘standard’ solution, and we’re never likely to be model-house neat and tidy.
Perform household chores, as time permits. We’d like help with things like keeping up with the laundry and dishes, changing the bedsheets, filling the pill cases, and similar tasks. We understand that coordination and organization can be very variable in terms of the time they take, and want someone who will prioritize higher-importance items while working to fill the time available each week.
What we offer:

  • Competitive pay for part-time work. Starting at $30/hour with opportunities for growth. We're initially looking for a consistent commitment of 5-10 hours / week.
  • Flexible self-scheduling - we're generally flexible about when work happens, and can be clear about the constraints we have. You can choose whatever hours work best for you, and adapt as needed for what’s going on in your life.
  • Flexibility for accommodations in other areas - for the right person, we’re willing to adapt and find ways to make the core job work around disability or other circumstances.
  • LGBTQIA+ positive environment - your gender expression is valid here.
  • Parking & Transit access (off-street parking, 1 block from the 45 line, near 5 and E lines)
  • Fully COVID-vaccinated home.
  • Comfortable work environment - feel free to stream music or make yourself some tea while you’re here, or work from home when you have tasks that don’t require physical presence. We often work from our home offices, and we try to maintain some "tech company office" feel.


  • Proof of COVID vaccination


  • Drivers license and willingness to drive for some tasks

Please note: Upon hire, the Household Manager will be a W-2 employee of the Client, not Pepper’s Personal Assistants.

Job Type: Part-time

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