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visc.me’s mission is to improve the lives of consumers by informing and protecting them from unfair and unsafe products, business practices, and technologies.

  • News: Our journalists write consumer product news articles, legal guides, and related information resources related to product liability, personal injury, and the environment. We provide vital information about new consumer product litigation and useful legal resources to keep consumers in the know.
  • Consumer Outreach: Our writers team with bloggers, journalists, and stakeholders in the health and legal industries to spread critical information about products, technologies, and business practices.
  • Legal Resources: Our team connects consumers who have been injured by products, and medical devices to licensed attorneys who specialize in personal injury and product liability lawsuits. We give consumers a chance to obtain compensation for their damages, including medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.
  • Disclaimer

    CONTENT: The content published on this website was not written by medical professionals and should not, at any point, be mistaken for medical advice. Furthermore, the information on this site is intended for educational purposes only and should never interfere with a patient/site visitor and his or her healthcare provider. In addition, viewing the content on this website, requesting additional information, or transmitting information through a contact form should never be considered the formation of an attorney-client relationship. The material published on this site is general and may not apply to your specific circumstances. Every case comes with its own set of unique circumstances; past success discussed on this site does not guarantee future performance. Information found on this website should not be used as an incentive to act without seeking counsel from a professional.

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